Monthly Climate Bulletin

The monthly climatic bulletin prepared by the climate and environment department of IGJEUM, has the purpose to inform on the monthly climate conditions, immediately after it´s ended, as well as in a climate contests by giving evaluation on the climate difference and their tendency in Albania.

The bulletin will contain:
A synoptic evaluation and some of the main features from the metrological aspect that characterize the analyzed month. After the meteorogical database is controlled, digitized and verified according to the technical-scientifical standards of WMO, referred to plenty of measurement places of the National Meteorogical Monitoring System, mainly for the temperature of the air, rainfall, etc.; they will be presented with charts, maps, tables, etc, in order to give a clear and fully evaluation on the distribution in space and time in Albania.

The comparison with the evolutions referred to the period 1969-1990 or other periods, will help to have more useful conclusions of how climate conditions are and which is their tendency in Albania. Based on the information and the scientific products of the climate evaluation by the most professional, known and scientific centers in the world which our institute has connections and cooperation with them, will be given evaluations on long term forecast but not only, of possible situations in coming months. The last section of this bulletin will have to do with the presentation of different information on scientific achievements in the meteorological field, not only in our country.

   The monthly climatic bulletin No.9 2017
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   The monthly climatic bulletin No.7 2017
   The monthly climatic bulletin No.6 2017
   The monthly climatic bulletin No.5 2017
   The monthly climatic bulletin No.4 2017
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   The monthly climatic bulletin No.1 2017

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