Department of Regional and Engineering Geophysics

The mission of the Geological and Georisk Department in the framework of the Institute of Geosciences:

  • Basic and applied Scientific Research through researchs, development projects and other creative activities and knowledge transfer of technologies.
  • Advanced university training of students and young scientists by taking part in study programs of the second and third cycle.Advanced university training of students and young scientists by taking part in study programs of the second and third cycle.
  • Service monitoring and with the third in line with the mission.

Main objectives:

  • The study of geological-geophysical phenomena and the geothematic mappings.
  • Geopedological study of the territory.
  • The study of natural hazards and those caused by human activity.
  • Regional and local geophysical studies in the context of geological mapping, geoenvironment studies, archaeology, geothermal energy, etc.

Organizational Structure

Approved at Academic Senate of UPT, dated: 26. 03. 2009




  1. 1. As part of Project IV 7 in cooperation with Albanian Geological Service, METE for the years 2009, 2010 and onwards, entitled "Registration and study of the variation of Earth's magnetic field (Monitoring of Magnetic Support Network) in the territory of R. of Albania".
  2. 2. Within the National Programme for Research and Development: Research Agency, Technology and Innovation (RATI), entitled: "Study Earth's Geomagnetic Field in Magnetic Support Network, the revaluation of magnetic anomalies and the selection of site of the First Magnetic Observatory of Albania", for the years 2010-2012.



  • Gravimetric survey and microgravimetry in help of the hydrogeological research to define the morphology of the Quaternary deposits.
  • Construction of the geological-tectonic models of water basins, of thermo water reservoirs.
  • Studies at Archaeological Centers for determining ancient archaeological sites.
  • Monitoring for determining of the deformations of unspecified terrain, abandoned in industrial areas.



  • Studies of Quaternary deposits, qualitative and quantitative assessment of water-bearing Basins and riverbeds.
  • Thermo Water Research of lower Entalpise for the definition of thermo water premises.
  • Studies of the spread of tecnogen contamination in groundwater and determination of salt- fresh water contact in coastal areas.
  • Geotechnical studies to assess the land, slides, soil erosion, subsidences, rivers, dumps, dams etc.
  • Studies at the Archaeological Centers for determining ancient archaeological sites.



  1. Within the project funded by MMPAU entitled: "Monitoring of Radon in indoor, in ground and drinking waters, 2010".
  2. Within the National Programme for Research and Development: Research Agency, Technology and Innovation (RATI), entitled: "Study of Radon concentration levels in sectors with high risk and determination of levels of natural radionuclides in the main lithological formations of Albania", for the years 2010-2012.
  3. Within the project "Excellence and Equity in Education", adopted by the World Bank, entitled: "Establishment of the Laboratory of Natural Radioactivity", for the years 2010-2011.
  4. In the framework of the European Project entitled: "European Indoor Radon Map."



  1. 1. Within the National Programme for Research and Development: Research Agency, Technology and Innovation (RATI), titled: " Potential Risk and current assessment of land for the whole territory of Albania, through the Geographic Information System (GIS) and assessment technology by Corin LAND COVER CLC-2010", for the years 2010-2012.



To recognize the opportunity of occurrence of natural geological hazards provide geo-scientific study of the territory, which consists of:
  • • Development of 3 geonvironmental specialized digital maps, which identify, analyze and reflect natural geological conditions, lithological, geological- engineering, hydrogeological, geomorphological, geological risks etc.
  • Basic geo-scientific information on which planning groups make decisions on planned development of the territory.



Geoenvironmental integrated assessments of contaminated soils, urban and tourist areas in support of sustainable development.
  • Correlations of the heavy metals in soil, water and the chain of living.
  • Migration and trends of chemical elements in ecosystems.
  • Risks, their monitoring and remediation.


  • The creation of database of electrometric, magnetometric, gravimetric, radiometric, geochemical, georisk, pedological studies.
  • The mapping of geophysical, geological-geophysical cross-sections of observed profiles and as well of physical parameters.
  • Representation of obtained data in ArcViewGis software.
  • Integration of geological-geophysical studies with GIS technology.


Scientific monographs

  • "Applied Hydrogeophysics", author P. Leka.
  • "The use of geophysical methods in hydrogeology", authors: P. Haxhia, I. Jata.
  • "Quaternary Deposition along the Geological Structure of the Albanides", authors: J. Hoxhaj, H. Kuliçi, F. Cara.

Scientific articles

Inside country

  • Bulletin of Technical Sciences, the organ of the Polytechnic University of Tirana. "Processing and representation in ArcGIS 8.2 of VES results for Lalzi Gulf region", 2009 year,
    authors F. Vinçani, P. Leka
  • Bulletin of Geological Sciences, the organ of the Albanian Geological Service, Tirana. "Representation in ArcViewGis 8.2 software of the electrometric studies of ES conducted in the Cape of Rodon – Karpen region", 2010 year,
    authors F. Vinçani, P. Leka.
  • Bulletin of Agricultural Science, the organ of the Ministry of Agriculture, Tirana. "Soil Erosion in Albania and assessment techniques by Corine Land Cover (CLC), 2000-2006 years",
    authors V. Kovaçi, I. Salillari, M. Cenaimeri.


  • Journal of International Environmental Application & Science, 2010, Vol. 5 Issue 2. "Geochemical-Geophysical Studies for Tecnogen Pollution in Porto Romano, Albania and Their Integration in GIS",
    authors F. Vinçani, F. Cara, P. Leka.

Participation in research activities:

Inside country

  • 27 September 2008-Workshop-in "VMS Ore Deposits", Tirex Explorations, Tirana. "The results of geological-geophysical studies for exploration of copper ore in the tectonic area of Mirdita, Albania",
    authors T. Deda, P. Leka etc.
  • 7-12 November, 2010 - 6th WORKSHOP of the ILP Task Force on SEDIMENTARY BASINS, Tirana, Albania. "Identification of the neotectonic movements through geophysical methods in the basin of Elbasan",
    authors P. Leka, P. Kosho, P. Naço, F. Vinçani.


  • 9-12 June 2009 – 6th European Congress on EuroGeo 2009 Geooscientific Regional Cartography and Information Systems, Mynich Germany. "The Vlora-Elbasan-Dibra fracture, Albania",
    authors P. Naço, A. Çina, F. Vinçani.
  • 10-16 May 2009 - 5th Congress of Balkan Geophysical Society Geophysics at the Cross-Roads, Belgrade, Serbia. "Study of technogen contamination spreading in Porto Romano with geophysical methods",
    authors P. Leka, F. Vinçani, P. Kosho.
    "VES Geoinformatization in Lowland near Adriatic Sea",
    authors P. Leka, F. Vinçani.
    "Soil gas Radon, Indoor Radon and Gamma Dose Rate in Tirana city, Albania",
    authors S. Dogjani, F. Vinçani.
  • 18-22 October 2010 - 7th International Symposium on Eastern Mediterranean Geology, Cukurova University, Adana - Turkey. "The application of artificial neural networks for the classification of different lithological formations in region of Porto Romano, Albania",
    authors F. Bara, P. Leka, F. Vinçani.
    "Estimation of Quaternary period in the Albanide",
    authors J. Hoxhaj, F. Cara, H. Kuliçi, Sh. Abazi.


For teaching, training and his support in:

Polytechnic University of Tirana:

  1. Faculty of Geology and Mining
    • Department of Earth Sciences;
    • Department of Geoinformatics, Applied and Environmental Geology;
  2. Faculty of Civil Engineering;
    • Department of Environmental Engineering of Faculty of Civil Engineering.
    • • Department of Earth Sciences;

University "F.S.Noli", Korçe Faculty of Agriculture

  • Department of Earth Sciences;


  • Geotechnical studies to assess the land, slides, soil erosion, subsidences, rivers, dumps, dams etc..
  • Study of the concentration levels of Radon in indoor, soil and drinking water.
  • Geophysical studies in ancient archaeological Centers.
  • Geophysical studies to determine the technical condition of iron in water pipes, oil-gas in pipes cover, magnetic underground networks and magnetic metallic objects buried in sectors, areas or different regions.
  • Geophysical research for water and solid mineralization.
  • Evaluations, expertise and consultancy in the fields of Geophysics and Georisk.

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