Personeli i IGJEUM

 NAME  Jakup
 DATE  OF BIRTH  10.03.1959
 CIVIL STATUS  married, 1 child
 ADDRESS  Blloku “Vasil Shanto” pallati 8/1, prapa KESh,Tirane, Albania.
UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA  the full-time course, 1972-1977, of the Faculty of Geology and Mining of Tirana University, branch of geology. On decision of the State Commission on 15.05.1977, him is given the title: "Geologist Engineer".  Diploma no: B-748. Register no: 1577
QUALIFICATIONS  Qualification Certificate: the post university course for Petrography-survey geologist, 1987-1989, at the Faculty of Geology and Mining, of "Enver Hoxha" Tirana University, Albania, Tirane on 05.10.1988. Register no:124.
Certificate: that passed the post-university examination of English Language on 25.06.1990, from Faculty of Foreign Languages, Tirana University. Albania. Certificate for “Driver of Motorcar” nr. 706876, dt. 09.12.1992, prot. Nr. 190/108, Rajonal Directory of Tirana.
Certificate: that passed the post-university examination of Russian. Language on 23.12.1993, from Faculty of Foreign Languages, Tirana University. Albania.
Certificate: participated in the Training course on Environmental Impact Assessment, organized by the Priority Actions Program, Regional Activity Center (MAP-UNEP) in Tirana from 20 to 24 January 1997.
Diploma: for participation and high results in the training Workshop: Environment Rehabilitation Project of Fani river", organized by SUECO-Sweden and ITNPM-Albania, from 03 to 10 December 1997 in Tirana, Albania.
Certificate: that attended the NATO ASI Meeting on Deposit and Geo-environmental Models for Resource Exploitation and Environmental Security held in Matrahaza, Hungary, September 06-18, 1988.
Certificate: that has followed the course of Micro Computer, Ms-Dos, Windows, Lotus, dBase, Word perfect, and has successfully passed the final examination, on 17.02.1995, Institute of Informational  and Applied Mathematics, Academy of Sciences, Tirana, Albania
 TEACHING ACTIVITY  Historical geology lections (Qyaternary poriod), 1997 year and go on. For the students of geology branch. Mapping and environmental geological mapping lections, 1997 year and go on. For the students of geology branch. Environmental geological mapping lections, 1999 year, after university short course for the engineers without interrupt from the  work and 2000 years, after university long course for the engineers outside the work
 PROFESIONAL EXPERIENCE  Teacher, 1971-1972 low school of Dragobi Village,Tropoja, Albania. Geologist Engineer, 1977-1992 (project-manager), Geological Enterprise of Tropoja, Geological Survey of Albania.. Geologist Engineer, 1992-1993 (director), Geological Enterprise of Tropoja, Geological Survey of Albania. Geologist Engineer, 1993-(project-manager), Institute of Geological Research, Geological Survey of Albania. Actual position; Director of the progect of the marine geology and the quaternary.
 SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS AND SCIENTIFIC REPORTS  Publications 29. Presentations 71. Projects 38. Studies 39

Chromium 1. Pollymetalic elements 12. Cooper 2. Asbestos 1. Quartz 1. Manganese 1. Row materials 2. Geo-environmental parameters 14. Spherule research 2.


 OTHERS  Membership of Asociations:
Geological Association of Albania. Environmental Association of Albania. Membership on International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (An Association of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics). Australia. International Associations of sedimentologists, University of Tecnology, Delft Netherlands. International Associations BALWOIS, Ohri, Macedonia
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