Monthly Seismological Bulletin

The Albanian Seismologic Network’s bulletin is a periodic publication of earthquake wave data, source parameters and their magnitudes, for every seismic event occurring inside the Albanian territory and its surroundings. This publication is compiled in the Department of Seismology of the Institute of Geosciences, Energy, Water and Environment under the Polytechnic University of Tirana. All the estimated values, of the parameters, refer to the geographic quadrant confined by the coordinates: 390- 430N and 18.50-21.50 E.

Bulletin comprises a description section, containing the most general information, the section of the used symbols corresponding to all the evaluated parameters, phases data for each of the recorded and located earthquakes. It contains also the event catalogue, the macro- seismic information, the statistical information, the focal mechanism solutions and an aerial epicenter distribution map.

Different earthquake information categories are included, depending on their recorded and elaborated information, for each of them. They are: 1- 1ocalized earthquakes; 2- earthquakes recorded from more than one local station, but not located and 3- earthquakes recorded at least by one station, but having more than one seismic phase.
The parametric data, as above, are permanently evaluated throughout the seismological monitoring routine, based upon quantitative analyze of instrumental waveform recordings. Their computed values are the direct application  result of known analytical methods, iteratively and interactively, within certified and globally known computational programs.
Hence, for the onset time data determination, the Atlas program is used, whereas the earthquake location is done by mean of Hypoinverse program. For this analyze, a local velocity model accounting for the local and accurate seismic wave paths, is used (Ormeni, 2007). Mainly body seismic waves are concerned, primary P-phases and secondary S-phases, within computation and location process. Magnitude determination is achieved through known parametric models as the one of Richter (1956) and Eaton (1992).

Analyzes of the published data is undertaken from a dedicated working group, comprising by scientific staff Rrapo Ormeni & Edmond Dushi and technical staff Ardian Minarolli, Ervin Kasa and Olgert Gjuzi. 
Instrumental information is achieved through a network of local seismological stations, as listed: Tirana central station (TIR), B. Curri (BCI), Puka (PUK), Peshkopia (PHP), Vlora (VLO), Tepelena (TPE), Saranda (SRN) and Korça (KBN), which are equipped with broad band seismic sensors.
Also, the local network enumerates some short period recording stations, situated at Shkodra (SDA), Laçi (LACI) and Leskoviku (LSK).
In this analyze, data from a number of regional stations, are included as well. They are distributed along the Mediterranean coast and belong to the AUTH network of the “Aristotle” university of Thessaloniki, Italian National Seismological Network managed from National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanoes (INGV) as well as seismological stations of the Seismological Observatory of Montenegro (MSO).  

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Monthly Seismological Bulletin

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