Department of Geology

Department of Geology is originated from Tirana Geological Research Institute and Tirana Geophysical Institute Center. It is the main academic unit according to geological research, representing the most prestigious geosciences programs in Albania.
The scientific activity of the Geological Department comprises fundamental and applied research in the four major science disciplines, concerning Geology, Geophysics, Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology.

Research activity of the Geological Department is performed through projects, which are closely linked with the development priorities of the Albanian society, government policies and the requirements for sustainable development.

The main  Research activity of the Geological Department includes:

  • The compilation of regional thematic maps of Albania, as Geological Map, Metallogenic Map, Engineering Geology map and Georisk map, in scale 1: 200 000.
  • The study and evaluation of the mineral and water resources, oils and gas by using of geological and geophysical methods.
  • The study and evaluation of the geodynamic phenomena as mass movements, erosions, sands liquefaction, karst and subsidence with by using of geotechnical and geophysical methods.
  • The study and evaluation of the soils and water pollutions.
  • Engineering geology zoning mapping of for the seismic microzoning, planning and development purpose on a scale, 1 : 5 000 – 1 : 10 000 up to 1 : 25 000 – 1 : 50 000.
  • Monitoring of Radionuclides and Radioactivity in relation with geological formations, Radon activity indoor and outdoor, as well as Monitoring of Magnetic field components of the territory of Albania.

Another target for the Department is the teaching activity for Bachelor and M. Sc. Courses, as well as the supervision of M. Sc. Diploma and Ph. D students in the Polytechnic University of Tirana. Students have the opportunity to benefit even more concerning employment opportunities, research assistance, and academic credits working with scientists of the Geological Department in the disciplines of Geology, Geophysics, Geology Engineering and Hydrogeology.

The Geological Department has a strong cooperation with foreign research institutions in numerous countries, including Germany, Austria, France, USA, China, Turkey, and Canada.

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