Department of Meteorology

Department of Meteorologyhas the mission of monitoring and studying the climate of Albania assets, for a more rational and complex use of them, while maintaining ecological values. This department also deals with the study of air and water quality in Albania.
Department of Climate and Environmental Research includes 3 groups:

a. Climate Research Group conducts research studies for specific areas or in a national scale for climate and agro-climatic peculiarities, also climate changes during the multi-annual cycle in our country. It studies and evaluates the energetic potential of the different elements as solar radiation, wind in the whole country, with the aim of using these natural energy sources.

b. The research group of the operational meteorology has the mission of data collection, verification, updating, digitalization and archiving of meteorological and agrometeorological observations (including the phenological observations) in accordance with the WMO standards. It provides information to the central institutions like Civil Emergencies, in emergency situations caused by extreme phenomena of various meteorological elements.

c. The research group of the environmental evaluation is responsible for the monitoring and nation-wide studying of the atmospheric and water pollution level, depending on hydrometeorological conditions. It monitors and evaluates quality of the air and natural waters of Albania. It conducts surveys and complex studies related to water quality and its pollution.

Monthly Climate Bulletin


First Meteorological Observations in Albanian Area

First Meteorological Observations in Albanian Area

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Monthly Seismological Bulletin

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