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Prof. Dr.


Director of Institute of Geosciences.

Street “Don Bosko” no. 60,
Postal Code: 1024

Prof. Muceku studied geology at the Faculty of Geology and Mining (1982-1987) at the Polytechnical University of Tirana. During 1996-1997 he completed an advanced postgraduate study for "Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology", Faculty of Geosciences, Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, Germany, as well as received his Ph. D. at the Polytechnical University of Tirana (2000-2005) in engineering geology. In 2014 and in 2021, he received respectively Associate Professor and Full Professor at the Polytechnical University of Tirana, Albania.
From 2014 to 2020 Mr. Muceku was Head of the Geology Department at the Institute of Geosciences and from 2020 onwards is the director of the Institute of Geosciences, Tirana. 
The areas of interest are focused on scientific research and teaching in the field of engineering geology and geotechnic. 
Prof. Muceku conducts research in the engineering geology and geotechnical mapping for urban development and planning, mass movement and slope stability evaluation, sands liquefaction, geological hazards, soils improvements techniques, geomorphology and geotechnical site investigations for the construction of engineering structure’s purpose as dams, motorways, tunneling and buildings.