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Geological mapping

The Department of Geology at the Institute of Geosciences (IGJEO) has been compiling since 2010 Geological Maps at a scale of 1:50,000, covering the entire territory of Albania. The topographical basis are the plans of recent years, compiled by the former Military Geographical Institute of Albania, within the framework of cooperation with NATO.

According to the topographical division in the UTM system, on a scale of 1:50,000, the territory of Albania is divided into 56 Topographical Maps, to which the Geological Maps (PDF | 1.08MB)

The maps completed until 2022 are: 9-Shkodra, 42-Maliqi, 43-Korca, 48-Erseka, 53-Leskovik, 54-Saranda, 55-Delvina, 56-Konispoli. The Department of Seismology and the former Department of Geophysics, in IGJEO, are also involved in their preparation. The methodology followed includes the processing, compilation and publication of geological plates at a scale of 1:50,000, together with the respective explanatory texts. The geological mapping service at IGJEO offers both scientific and public institutions as well as the interested private sector, geological maps 1:50000, together with the explanation, as a final product.