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Research groups - Department of Meteorology

Research-teaching work in DM is carried out based on research-teaching groups (when the criteria for their creation and organization are met).

The Department of Meteorology covers the following areas of scientific research:

  1. Climate scientific research field.
  2. The field of scientific research of Synoptics (Weather Forecasting).
  3. The field of scientific research of Agrometeorology (Environment).

In order to cover these areas and to carry out meteorological research and applications, the Department of Meteorology (DM) is divided scientifically into two Research Groups: academic staff and auxiliary academic staff. Groups are constituent research-teaching units of DM. They cover the research-scientific and/or teaching activity of one or more similar and interdependent disciplines of general and professional training.

In addition, they carry out forecasting and monitoring at the National Center for Forecasting and Monitoring of Natural Hazards (NCFMNH), 7 days a week and strictly implements the regulations of the NCFMNH.