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Fatbardha Cara

Website: www.geo.edu.al
Street “Don Bosko” no. 60,
Postal Code: 1024

Dr. Fatbardha Cara has finished the studies in geology with “Excellent” diploma at the Faculty of Geology and Mining (1986-1991) UPT. After university studies she carried out advanced long-term trainings, certified by well-known institutions as: 08.-10.1991 Postgraduate training. Siegen University, Germany, 12.1994-02.1996 Certificate. Micro-thesis: Methods of radioactive waste landfill. Berufliche Aus-und Fortbildung: Mineralogie für Rohstoffe und Umweltuntersuchungen, Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), Hannover, Germany, 08.1997-02.1998 Certificate. Postgraduate Training at the RWTH, Institut für Mineralogie und Lagerstättenlehre, Labor für Geochemie und Umweltanalytic, Aachen, Germany, 09.2000 Certificate. Geochim/Unesco Postgraduate Training Course on the Geochemical Exploration Methods and their Environmental Applications, Prague, Czech Republic, etc. She received in 2003 the degree of Doctor of Sciences in the Department of Civil Geology and Environment, Faculty of Geology and Mining, UPT. From 2003 to 2008 she was head of Department of Environmental Geology and Geochemistry at the Geological Survey of Albania. Research Areas: Environmental Geology, Geochemistry, Environmental-Geological Mapping. Dr. Cara conducts scientific studies in the field of environmental geology and geochemistry, geo-environmental mapping, environmental risk assessment in the soils, waters and sediments, climatic changes and anthropogenic impact, for urban and sustainable development and planning.