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Departamenti i Gjeologjisë

Tectonic evolution of ophiolites and ophiolite mélange. Periudha : 2021-2024 (Projekt i perbashket) Shqiperi-Austri
Paleogeographic and Sedimentological reconstruction of Northern Albania (Albanian Alps, Cukali Zone, Mirdita Zone) with focus on the Permian-Triassic interval.
Boosting the geodiversity of the Albanian Alps (Albania):The scientific assessment of the geosites in Malësia e Madhe region.
“The Messinian Salinity Crisis in Albania”
IGCP – 649 “Diamonds and Recycle Mantle”

Departamenti i Hidrologjisë

“Early Warning and Climate Information Services” financuar nga Green Climate Fund, me projekt-ide ne kuader te instrumentit financues Green Climate Fund, filluar ne 2022 dhe vijon;

Departamenti i Sizmologjisë

Earthquakes, active tectonics and seismogenic sources in Albania: re-evaluation of current knowledge, focusing on the northwestern sector and estimate of impact on the hazard of the southern Adriatic-Ionian basin - Cooperation Programe between CNR (Italy)
ANTICS – Albanian TectonIcs of Continental Subduction - 2 years – Collaboration with KiT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - (actually 400 temporary seismic stations installed)
Reducing the impact of earthquakes in Albania through collaboration: computing seismic Hazard to support the update of Albania's building code – financed by CEI-ES No. 304.4.029-Collaboration with GEM Foundation.
Resilience Strengthening in Albania (RESEAL) Project UNDP, AKMC - Improve the Albanian Seismic Network (ASN), within the efforts of the Government of Albania to improve the disaster risk management (DRM) system in the country.
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